Monday, December 05, 2011

My problem with Daniel Radcliffe

Talk about the poster boy for bad home-training!  Then again, I think he’s no different from the average Joe living in my city.  As popular as he is (the HP movies), you’d think he would set a better example for his fans, who happen to be mostly minor children.
The last time I saw something THAT pasty?  Let's see, it feared sunlight, lurked in graveyards, and dined on human remains under cover of darkness.

I've been reading bits and pieces on Raddy, and I have to tell you, I laughed when I read about his invisible girlfriend giving him TWO years to clean up his act and quit being a slob (and a mama's boy).  HA!  Lots of luck on that one.  Raddy has not been seen with this 'girlfriend' at any premieres, awards shows, NADA since that photo-op taken in August.  The body language is a dead give-a-way (note the 'Deer caught in the headlights' look on Raddy's face); Raddy does not like to be seen with females, or at least not this one, and she seems more interested in her mobile phone than him.  He cannot seem to get his story straight on who he's dating, who he's 'doing', who he's dumping, or who just might be dumping him. During the months before he began performing in H2S, he was quoted a few times, by the media, as saying "I've got to be single, I want to have sex with the female dancers on the show", and a few other shenanigans he was noted on.  Then he starts talking about this 'girlfriend of more than a year' right after the show starts.  What's worse is that Raddy kept taunting the media with mentions of her ("Oh heavens, no, I cannot tell you her name!") and when the drama built up about who this girl is, up pops Rose Coker, oh-so-conveniently, in this August photo-op in New York.  What are you afraid of Raddy?  It's pretty clear you cannot man-up and look out for yourself, your mommy still cleans up after you and does your laundry.  Looks to me like Raddy is planning on spending the rest of his life being protected by ex-SAS security and walled in by his $$$.  What a sad way to live your life.

Two things kiddo:  1) Get your story straight on your personal status and 2) quit acting so paranoid all the time. 

Your fans are growing tired of you and your secretiveness.  If you're that afraid of being targeted, maybe you should just stop baiting the media, or using your friends to bait the media, just to keep yourself in the spotlight.  You're not a real grown-up until you can rely on yourself instead of your parents to survive in this world. I bet you'd be lost without your millions, too.

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