Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Future of Gulags and Rape Camps?

Bipartisan legislation being considered in the U.S. Senate would expand the military’s power to go after any terrorism suspect, including American citizens, anywhere in the world—including within the United States—and confine them indefinitely without being charged or tried. S. 1867, referred to as the National Defense Authorization Act bill, was drafted in secret by Senators Carl Levin (D-Michigan) and John McCain (R-Arizona) and was scheduled for a vote by the full Senate on Tuesday.

Can somebody explain to me why this bill was drafted 'in secret' by one of the biggest pro-rape senators in this nation (McCain)?  Our government, in its current form, cannot be trusted to lead from the front, not anymore, and the honor system needs to be disposed of when these hacks run for re-election. The past several years I have learned this:

1) Working class citizens are looked upon as 'second-class citizens' by our incumbents.

2) The U.S. has too many fucking millionaires in office; how can they effectively represent the working class if they cannot relate to their problems?

3) This nation's leaders lack the intestinal fortitude to 'lead from the front'. Why else does our congress prefer to meet in secret?  I'll tell you why, because they are aware that what they are implementing, legislation-wise, would not sit well with the working class voters were it made public knowledge.

4) Incumbents, and candidates alike, have no respect, or regard, for the office they desire to occupy, or the voters who elect them to that public office.  If they did, why would said incumbents lie and deceive their voters, and undermine their opponents so vehemently, in order to get elected?

5) Our elected body has no discipline, professionalism, or restraint, yet, they hold our Military service members to a high standard of behavior that they, the congress, fail to emulate everyday they go to work (which is about once every two weeks, if that often).

6) Classifying everything is just our elected body's way of covering up their mistakes, and their crimes.  End of story.

The 'Occupy' movement is indeed causing more than just a passive stir on Capitol Hill if congress and the senate are drafting 'secret' legislation.  If SB 1867 is passed,  it will usher in a new era of abuses of American civil liberties and Constitutional rights. The Occupy movement just may be declared a terrorist action by our nation's lawmakers and any participants can be jailed indefinitely, without charges or trial. The system is broken, we did not break it, but, it is our duty as citizens to repair it, PDQ.

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