Thursday, September 29, 2005

Okay, here goes

Thanks for the flood of e-mails about my intent to run for office when I retire! Yes, I have a few platforms that need to be discussed. What party? I might make my own party; The Party of Angry Veterans. My platforms? Well, 1) I would seek revocation of Diplomatic Immunity; I think it's crap and too many foreign diplomats break U.S. laws and let the tax-payers foot the bill. 2) Dissolve the separation of Church and State for tax purposes due to the fact that many Churches (cults, too) are more of a tax-shelter than a spiritual institution. 3) I would seek to have the Electoral College shut down because I think it's a big scam. Why should electoral votes take precedence over popular votes? That's just stupid. That's a start for me. In the beginning, around 2000, I wasn't seriously thinking about running for public office and in jest stated these three platforms: 1) Raise the drinking age to 30; just because you're 21 does not mean you're responsible enough to drink. 2) Lower the driving age to 12; if you're tall enough to reach the pedals, your motor skills are developed, you should be able to operate a motor vehicle. 3) Lower the voting age to five; You can dress and feed yourself, can read, and have a sense of right and wrong, you should be able to vote. That would give the politicos a whole new challenge right then and there! I'd be the biggest b$#@! Capital Hill has ever encountered now, wouldn't I?

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Scott said...

Hey Jenifer
Yes, You'd be the biggest B!@#$ on Capital hill :D
Your site is so full! I espcially love kitty with the gun! OMG!
Thanks for stopping by and saying hi :D